Departure fees and taxes

Any frequent flier knows how many different taxes they need to pay when purchasing their tickets. Your flight ticket price probably will be at least doubled with all those fees and you can’t do much about it. But it is not everything. Think again if you think you already paid all taxes for your flight.
You will be surprised not all taxes are included into your ticket price. Like Ryanair didn’t agree include 9 Euros security fee into their ticket and passengers need to pay that fee before departure at Riga (RIX) airport. Or in New Zealand there is departure fee for international and domestic flights. Couple years ago you were forced to pay departure tax in all New Zealand airports before departure. In recent years in most NZ airports these departure taxes were included into ticket prices, but you still need to pay it at departure in some airports. All these fees in New Zealand were the beginning of this collection of departure fees around the world. It is updated constantly and I hope it won’t be very long. Let us know if you paid any fees during your departure from any aiport in the world and it will be included into this list.


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