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Departure tax in Kathmandu (KTM) airport, Nepal

In most printed travel guides there is information about departure taxes you need to pay on departure from Tribhuvan (KTM) airport in Kathmandu.

But from year 2010 there is no such departure fee any more for international departures. All taxes are included in your ticket.

Thought you still need to pay domestic departure fee. As of April, 2013 this fee is 200 Rupees. So if you are flying from Kathmandu to Lukla or Pokhara be ready to have some spare cash to pay these taxes.

4 thoughts on “Departure tax in Kathmandu (KTM) airport, Nepal”

  1. This is definitely something new to me. To top it all up, it is great news too! I’m sure any traveler will be please to hear that there are no more departure tax in KTM. Valuable news, thanks man!

  2. Glad to hear, as I´ll fly out of Kathmandu soon – although I´ll have enough Nepali Rupees with me, just in case, as you can´t be sure of anything in this area…
    For domestic departures, at least until the 12th of march 2010, there´s a “Passenger Service Charge” of 170 Rs, although I couldn´t see any special services provided…
    Enjoy travelling in Nepal – and never, ever take the bus between Jiri and Bandhar unless you like pain and suffering.

  3. As at December 2010 there is still a Rs170 departure tax on domestic flights. I had to pay it at Kathmandu and also at Simara.

    You can also walk a trolley between the terminals if you have the time.

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