New departure tax in Christchurch airport?

Not so long ago existing international New Zealand departure tax of $NZ25 was wiped from Christchurch (CHC) airport. Everybody was glad about it. Of course these taxes didn’t disappear.

You need to pay NZ$12.50 so called passenger services charge on inbound and outbound flights which totals $NZ25. But at least this service charge is included in your ticket price and you don’t need to worry about anything on your arrival to airport.

But last month talk about new taxes for Christchurch airport began. So previous Departure tax was renamed to Passenger Services Charge and now government wants introduce new Departure Tax ?

The idea comes from the Riccarton/Wigram Community Board in a submission on the city council’s draft three year plan.
Chairman Mike Mora says it could be a good way to help the coffers for the city’s rebuild.
Mr Mora says the international departure tax would be a good way to start, with perhaps $5 per passenger for the next five years.

For me it sounds just like increase of existing departure tax in Christchurch by $5 from $25 to $30. It probably will won’t stop there and will be increased after year or two as people (especially tourists) won’t have a choice not to pay it at airport.